Popular Govt alone panacea for ills afflicting J&K: Harsh Dev

Harsh Dev Singh addressing a public meeting in Chenani constituency on Friday.
Harsh Dev Singh addressing a public meeting in Chenani constituency on Friday.

Excelsior Correspondent
CHENANI, Sept 23: Accusing the present regime for its indifference and neglect of the common masses facing denial of even the basic amenities, both in urban and rural areas, Harsh Dev Singh – former Minister and senior AAP leader said that a democratically elected Govt alone was the panacea for the ills afflicting the centrally ruled UT of J&K.
He said that babus requisitioned from other states, mostly UP and Bihar had hardly any idea about the peculiar problems of the UT’s diversities and had failed to satisfy the urges of the people.
“While the common masses have hardly any access to the ‘babus’ operating from their AC chambers, the latter too seemed to have abdicated their responsibilities of interacting with public so as to ascertain their difficulties and to take the appropriate remedial action for redressal of their genuine grievances,” asserted Singh while addressing public gatherings in Satyalta and Tandhar villages of Chenani constituency today.
Pointing towards the frequent power outages and acute drinking water problems that have made the lives of people a living hell, he alleged that the helmsmen seemed to be least bothered about the sufferings of the public.
As the affected people are protesting on roads on day to day basis, a highly impudent and apathetic bureaucracy preferred to remain cocooned in their sanitized environment quite unmindful of the woes of the agitating masses, he said and added that the unemployed youth, including the contractuals, consolidated and daily wagers assured of a fair deal had all felt betrayed and cheated and were fighting for their rights on roads and streets with none to listen to their woes.