Politically cultivated Indian voter

Shiban Khaibri
A new awakening has dawned in India, a paradigm shift all around is conspicuous and distinct , dynast politics has been rejected, caste(iest) politics has failed, Muslim voters have come out with positive new outlook , conventional vote Bank equilibriums have reshaped themselves on their own ,corruption and corrupt practices shall now be least glorified , “Chowkidar Choor Hai” has boomeranged badly, Opportunist experiment in UP led by Mayawati and Akhlesh has miserably failed never again to experiment for decades. While Modi has led from the front , the Indian voter has followed him making a joint venture of TSUNaMO India. ‘Crusader’ Chandra Babu Naidu has with a great difficulty saved his face, Momta Banerjee could neither send a “roshgulla” of pebblestoModi nor “throw” him out of India while her seat is rattling, Kejriwal’s clarion but offensive call of “do something , anything but remove Modi and Shah”has boomeranged and recoiled back. Tukday Tukday gang and other similar gangs have been warned by the voters, Farooq Abdullah’s call from Momta’s turf to save this nation by defeating Modi has flopped . 22 plus jointly and severally have failed miserably against 1 Modi. Using Shree Ram and not building Shree Ram Mandir and Rs.15 lakh jibe like allegations have been nullified and rubbished by the Indian voters. Modi surely must be a superman , at least with divine powers to attract with limitless love and affection millions of Indians towards him. Records of 2014 have been broken ,anti incumbency will be redefined now. Aam Aadmi has felt having got real Aazadi in 2014 instead of in 1947 which got further cemented in 2019. India is rising and no power can stop it. Modi has, with electoral democratic power, decimated Congress not to speak of Grand or whatever alliances.
Was it Plato who had aptly said , “there is a victory, and defeat; the first and best of victories , the lowest and the worst of defeats which each man gains or sustains at the hands not of another, but of himself.” Whether you perform or not , in both cases it hardly remains under concealing or hiding but gets revealed and will be properly manifeston its own and people around you get to know. There is a tendency in the human behaviour to judge a person from more than one’s appearance and claims and the matured judgment very often comes from even an ordinary man in respect of the fairly known and who have presence in the public life. This writer, very often has been lamenting about the insensitivities generally displayed by an Indian citizen in critical issues especially in matters of casting one’s vote in elections where one should have, otherwise, been seen acting with more discretion, making premise of the judgment on how people tolerated and voted to rule many of those who, instead of holding responsible positions in governance should have been in jails. More so, why people generally care for the prices of ‘aloo, piyaz and tamatar’ more than which latest weapon should be wielded by an Indian soldier and which latest fighter aircraft to be flown to strike the enemy hard, to make our country and our security system strong. Now, to talk about that is termed as avoidable hyper nationalism by self styled liberals and democrats and secularists of a peculiar hue as even standing for a minute or two as a mark of respect while National Anthem is played, is seen something as very much optional rather not required at all and termed as a thrust thing, the same way as any attempt promoting our own Hindi language in some southern states is termed as “thrust” even after 72 years of getting independence while paradoxically, an alien language English is accepted and not treated as any “thrust’.
Election results of 2019, however, have definitely changed my view point about the hitherto assumed skimpy or exiguous sensitivities generally displayed by the Indian voter who has instead,shown to the entire world and particularly to the so called “Mahagathbandhan” and its conceivers and architects that he could see through all tricks and theatrics of politicians who were suspect of their credentials and integrity and thus has exhibited intrinsic trust and belief in Narindra Modi by corona ting him as the Prime Minister for the second term. The average Indian voter has spurned with disdain, the enticing and alluring Rs. 72000 per annum promised as a price for his or her vote cast in favour of the particular party and has shown more concern for a strong Government at the centre rather than a circus of opportunist politicians pursuing heterogeneous views or no views and policies about critical national issues in the name of Government was his or her priority. To declare the same openly and strongly, this proud voter kept standing in scorching heat in long drawn queues to press the button of his choice . This voter has fully written off the motivated rhetoric , despicable propaganda , flawed narratives, prejudiced and hateful outbursts of so many opposition parties and its leaders against one and one only who in the eyes and the belief of the voter was most honest, of impeccable integrity , efficient and who could deliver nationally and internationally.
The matured Indian voter felt aghast in seeing 2019 as less of an election to elect a new government and more of a tirade against one and one person called Narendra Modi , a person basically from rustics and a humble ordinary background with no longing for riches or promoting nepotism and who is an antidote to those who have been thieving peoples’ money and trust to grow richer and richer and who need to be severely punished. This election had one agenda, one goal, one manifesto, one aim and one purpose – to pin down Modi and defeat the BJP led NDA and not to provide a better alternative which was felt with concern by the politically grown matured voters. The voters in millions put their stamp of approval and full endorsement of the revolutionary decision of demonetization , the single tax regime of the G.S.T. (mockingly Rahul Gandhi calling it Gabbar Singh tax), Triple Talaq Bill, surgical strikes of 2016 and 2019 and other daring but much required decisions of the government.
Yes, Narendra Modi, the heart throb and aspirations of millions of Indians has been magnificently voted to power for the second time securing 338 plus to pursue the bold, well set and lineated, matured but popular, innovative, reformative , amendatory and developmental oriented economic policies to further advance on the path leading to make this country one of the top world powers. We also expect his role in international politics and diplomacy to be with the same zeal which he exhibited to the surprise but to the liking of the world leaders , to the exalted feelings of millions of Indians in nursing a sense of pride and honour to be Indians, though to utter shock and paradoxically stunning feelings of those elements , political, social , cultural and others who harvested dividends in seeing India as a neglected , underdeveloped, cast ridden , militarily weak and mired in the obsolete redundant and over played stereo typed rhetoric of “secularism “and “who was more secular and who was less” meaning thereby who pursued fraud or Dalda (the term coined by this writer depicting not pure) secularism. Some of the disgruntled vanquished politicians threatened blood spilling on roads and taking to arms if results were not to their liking for which they advanced flawed and motivated theories. These politicians should be behind the bars.
Those who spoke against the Army, the Supreme Court, the Election Commission, the CBI and other agencies including the Prime Minister as a routine, could not digest the findings of the Exit Polls and created theatrics unbecoming of matured political leaders. While the entire world is enviously watching the festival of democracy, ie, such a monumental, huge and massive election and how ably it was handled, these opposition leaders were trying to undermine its importance and relevance which should be condemned and which otherwise has not been liked by the Indian voters. True, the vanquished carry the best spoils home from the battle field but what to do about it?