Political turmoil in India

Mahesh Chander Sudan
We, the people of India, have of late started witnessing an unprecedented turmoil in the politics where political parties of treasury and opposition benches are displaying an unwanted show of allegations and counter allegations merely to seek the general attention of the masses to their side. Though, we the poor voters do not really understand their motives but feel very low about their behavior across the political spectrum. We have earlier been witnessing our leaders during political rallies wherein they would explain their plans, take interactive feedback and do assure common masses about their healthy future. However, the recent trend is unhealthy and worrisome as none of our leaders of the day whether in power or out of power pays any regard towards the so called respect of voters. They are busy day in and day out to through dirt of corruption on each other. We fail to understand as to why they wash dirty linen in public merely to gain cheap attention of the media and in bargain raise suspicion in the mind of AamAdmi about each one of them. They add to the confusion already building in our mind whether we did exercise our franchise earlier with wisdom or we are being made to suffer due to our foolish act to voting them to power.
Inter-alia, it weakens our understanding of the electoral system that have been guiding us for last seven decades to be part of Nation building under the guidance of great leaders who achieved for us independence from English empire, framed one of the best constitutions of the world and did make plans for development of the Nation. We are uncomfortable to attend/view any political rally as the language used by these politicians is of very low standard, and forbidden to be used in any forum. It seems that the visual media covering these events have been deprived of their right to edit the language and as such it becomes unbearable to view even news channels displaying those political rallies where in each leader tries to outsmart his opponent. We have gone through many elections earlier but a new trend set in by our leaders of the day is really questionable and sends a wrong message for our next generations who are even otherwise deprived of old cultural heritage. Respect begets respect, we hope our leaders may recollect these words and remain within decent behavioral limits. We voters expect them to maintain their dignities so that we feel proud of their leadership and in reality this would otherwise take us away from them in the long run.
We wish the leaders of the party in power would give us a gist of their achievements and future plan to attract our mandate for next tenure. We have been witnessing some international elections on television like most sought for Presidential Election of USA where in candidates of different political ideologies speak to the voter about nation building and their future plans for uplifting the life of their countrymen. Unlike the ruling party, other political parties have right to carry out healthy criticism of the Government policies in the larger interest of the nation. It is unbearable for us to stand any of these rallies held across the length and breadth of the country either by a leader of party in power or otherwise. We feel as if earlier politicians had drawn their own boundaries of decency and this attribute attracted them to general masses and few of them emerged as mass leaders.
Unfortunately, leaders of today are not able to live without power and as such they use any method to lure voters rather than attracting them to their side ideologically. Use of might, power and money has become a usual apparatus in winning elections. This short sighted approach is inimical to the larger interest of the Nation. At last, it is the sac red duty of the voters to avoid these attractive political pitfalls created with an aim to seek our mandate.
The resultant chaotic environment conveys a fake political turmoil which I am sure conscious citizens of India would tolerate and ultimately vote out of the call of the conscious without getting affected by these mischievous tactics of political entities in the larger interest of the Nation. Let us enjoythe political drama being enacted by various political entities to attract our right to vote in their favor. Let us pray the might of Indian Constitution prevail at last.
(The author is former Wing Commander)