Political survival worrying Cong: Balbir

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Dec 4: Strongly condemning the continuous tirade of Congress against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Government at the Centre for historic decision of demonetization, BJP State spokesperson, Balbir Ram Rattan has said that such frustration in the Congress camp apparently shows fear within the country’s oldest party’s certain demise for having ruled the nation through corrupt practices and by promoting and shielding numerous scams.
This is, in fact, the struggle of the country’s oldest party for its very political survival, said Balbir Ram Rattan.
“Should it be termed as immaturity, political compulsion or mere jingoism that people across the country have overwhelmingly supported the PM on his decision of demonetization but unfortunately a handful of Congressmen, including their so called young leader Rahul Gandhi, have turned so desperate that none of them can differentiate as to what is good or bad for the country”, Balbir said and added that Congress and other political parties of its like have shown their colours post demonetization.
Balbir Ram Rattan said that BJP had gone to the people with Narendra Modi as Prime Ministerial candidate during the last Lok Sabha elections on the promise of eradicating corruption and providing good governance. During the last two and half years, a number of decisions have been taken to fulfill the poll promises and the November 8 historic decision is one among such step aimed at ending corruption, bringing out black money and check fake currency.


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