Political process

This has reference to the news item ‘Initiate political process for peace in Kashmir’ DE Sept 10, 2018. The former Chief Minister has rightly said that there is need to initiate political process in the State to usher in peace and prosperity in the State. But the question is- who is going to initiate the peace process. Common man can’t do it. Government machinery can’t do it. These are the State political parties that have to initiate this process. Ironically, these parties themselves have created the present mess due to their petty politics and vested interests. The political parties are watching the current scenario as silent spectators just enjoying privileges and perks at the cost of poor people of this State. Had political parties any love for people, they would not have let this situation in which the State is presently in, surface at this in the beginning. The State is in great trouble. Every aspect of life is getting affected.
The political parties must, therefore, step in to provide people succor.
Rajesh Rasgotra