Political killings

Is it the result of the wholesale condemnation of terror and terror related violence not only from across the country but from the entire world that militants in Kashmir have been choosing soft targets , mostly political activists ? Is it due to the noose being tightened around the top terrorists like Masood Azhar by the world community and epicentres of terrorism getting isolated and exposed internationally that militants in Kashmir are now at their wits ends and have conceded that their game was over and the cause they were taking as alibi to spill blood, had proved to be totally untenable and fallacious? Is it due to the calling of the bluff by the Government in respect of hitherto falsely projected “immunity enjoyed” by top Hurriyat leadership having been cut to size and their money dealings in the name of much hyped but totally false “cause” exposed that Kashmiri militants are feeling afraid of political and democratic activities in Kashmir getting gradually resurfaced that they are now silencing political leaders ?
Whatever the case, the fact of the matter is that the scope, purpose, justification, rationale and the radicalised oriented rhetoric behind the terror related activities in the State , particularly in the affected districts of Kashmir, are fading and waning fast which is known to Pakistan which is the main source and strength behind the entire gamut of death and destruction in the valley as also felt increasingly by the militants in Kashmir. Having analysed the issue in the perspective, it also remains to be seen as to whether there were any lapses on the part of the State administration , any possibility of some laxity or connivance from any administrative apparatus which have led to an increase in such cold blooded killings, the latest one being of 67 years old BJP leader Gul Mohammad Mir who was recently killed in Verinag, Anantnag in South Kashmir. Why and when was his security withdrawn must be made known especially in the light of his and his family’s requests to restore his security cover. We appreciate the decision of the Governor in having these killings ‘thoroughly probed’ into for which he has asked the Chief Secretary to take necessary steps.
The State Administration , however, not only is found wanting in learning lessons from lapses and weaknesses in the system but undeservedly often pats its back for resorting to short term solutions only. If any lessons would have been learnt from the Kishtwar pattern of selected target killings like two Parihar brothers, followed by the killing of an RSS worker last month as also his PSO, the entire security scenario in respect of those with calculated risk vulnerability would have not been left to fend for themselves. Abdul Majid Dar in Kulgam, Anjum and Majid Bhat of Baramulla too were killed by frustrated militants while Ismail Wani in Anantnag was seriously injured. This cannot be tolerated and allowed to go severely unpunished.
Perhaps, precious lives could have been saved had our intelligence system coupled with security arrangements been up to the required levels. It should be borne in mind that not only are terrorists and terror related violence to be fought to the end with the required input of force but positive political activities irrespective of any party encouraged and its activists and leaders protected . The most effective antidote to the on-going, though speedily fading militancy in Kashmir, is the full revival of democratic political activities , the fact known to the sponsors of militants as well to them which is the reason that soft political victims are made their targets.Can we hope that all political activists and leaders with perceptible risk factor are provided with full security cover and their activities encouraged in the affected parts of the Kashmir valley especially in the light of the ensuing Assembly elections hopefully by the end of this year?