Naigadh Water Supply Scheme in Kishtwar

The above water supply scheme in Kishtwar town at a cost of Rs. 53 crore started with a hype in the year 2013 is still struggling to see the light of the day mainly due to constant and persistent delays in the completion of the project. As is wont to the fate of almost all such projects of the State, this water scheme too has missed as many as three deadlines in a row. The scheme had ambitious plans of not only providing drinking water to the Kishtwar township but providing of five ground reservoirs with six overhead tanks and a filtration plant also. A much needed drinking water scheme should have invited special attention of the authorities concerned as the township has been reeling under acute shortage of water during summer as well as winter months.
Red tape and protracted paper work at different offices often become the cause of delays as also the absence of readily available finance for even the critical projects like the one under reference. Clearance from the Forest Department took much of the time for the timely and smooth sail of this project and this fact should be borne in mind for according sanction to any of such projects in future to pre-empt delays and cost escalations. We are hopeful , depending on the latest assurances given by the Department, to have the entire incomplete work completed within a period of three to four months that at least this deadline is not missed keeping in view the regard for the sufferings of the people for this basic human requirement .