Political drama in J&K

Sunil R P Sethi
The political drama being played in Jammu and Kashmir state and particularly in Jammu Province is unparalleled in political history of the state . In upcoming Parliamentary elections both National Conference and People’s Democratic Party have decided not to field their candidates to defeat BhartiyaJanata Party candidates, or so do they think.
With impending Assembly Elections it would be most imprudent decision by both parties to leave election scene in Jammu Province where they are in serious contest in at least 10 seats . Not contesting seats of Parliament at this stage will make it difficult for these parties to regain their supporters in Assembly Elections and will end in losing in their strong areas viz Muslim majority areas of Jammu Province and in the process Congress will have gain votes of these parties
But what is this new approach of political parties of Jammu and Kashmir where there own political existence and interests of people have become secondary to defeat Modi agenda. Both National Conference and Peolpe’s Democratic Party think that by not contesting elections there will be no choice for people to vote any other party than Congress to ensure defeat of Bhartiya Janata Party.
This thinking , maliciously manipulative as it is , is having inherent weakness and is obviously based upon miscalculations and undermining the majesty of democracy . It is the duty of political parties to provide wide choice to voters with different ideologies to choose the one which suits best to the nation in reference to needs of the nation. Limiting choices by tactical manoeuvering by not contesting or forming alliances of repulsive thoughts is to cheat the voter .
To think that Muslim voters will not understand this conspiracy and will fall prey to this political crime is misunderstanding the intellect of masses . Voters are not motivated by communal feelings as is understood by some parties but are motivated largely by the good works done by parties. Bhartiya Janata Party has won many seats from muslim majority constituencies and is party of people of the nation irrespective of religion or region. The message will go loud and clear this time too from Jammu province.
Second more serious implication can be tactical voting by other communities in response to this communal manoeuvering by Kashmir based parties which will move votes from other communities to Bhartiya Janata Party as counter measure to above , though the same was avoidable situation and will lead to further alienation of society . This obvious and most probable move will defeat designs of manipulative politicians and will further erode base of Kashmir based parties in Jammu province. Justifying political blackmailing and manipulations in the name of secular vote is thing of past now. The voter is too smart to be deceived by such manipulations.
Another important question will be : Where this will leave Kashmir based political parties in coming Assembly Elections after the move to join together for political blackmailing. It will lead to total disintegration and frustration in its workers and supporters and they won’t have enough time to regain the lost ground. This will ensure emergence of new political forces in their citadel at their cost. People’s Democratic Party will have more to suffer as its mass base in Jammu as well Kashmir has already shrunk largely.
Question marks having been raised on Air Strikes and the decision to go for it by National Conference and People’s Democratic Party and its apparent support to Pakistan and its stooges will further uproot them in Jammu region where there is seething anger against these Pakistan friendly Parties who lose no time to criticize Armed Forces and support separatists elements in Kashmir . Emergence of new and strong India may not be to the likings of many political hawks but then an event whose time has come would emerge at all costs.