Poetry with moral values

O.P. Sharma

Name of the book : Kaun Yaad Karta Mujhe! a collection
of Hindi poetry
Author & Publisher : Kewal Krishan Sharma
Price : Rs. 300

The 114-page book entitled “Koun Yaad Karta Mujhe!” is a collection of 77 poems in Hindi composed by eminent Kewal Krishan Sharma hailing from Kishtwar. Quite proficient in Hindi, he has to his credit nine publications in the national language, among which one “Kishtwar Darpan” has been selected for prestigious National Award by the Ministry of Human Resources Development, New Delhi.
The author has dedicated this book to his parents, who struggled hard to shape his faith in the future. The poetic composition titled “Glory of Mother” speaks a lot about his versatile creative faculty. He considers his mother as heaven’s bliss and father as paradise on earth. The poet is both idealistic and realistic in his outlook.
Meaningful Poetry
The poems are interesting, instructive and entertaining as well. The main themes of majority of the poems are concern the glory, majesty and laudation of mother and girl child as well as the nature, art and ethical values..
Through his poems, the poet has made an effort to change the mind-set of people and help to overcome the pride, greed and anger, which are the main causes of stress and strain.
He has shared his life-time experience. The poet has exhibited tremendous endeavours in expressing his feelings on nationalism and national integrity. He wishes India to be a land of harmony and happiness.
Some poems are inspiring to love nature, while few others are philosophical interpretation of miseries and pathos suffered by general people in present times. It is a unique insight of Mr. Sharma that his pen portrays the present but has vision of the future.
Popular Themes
It is unfortunate that crime against women is still happening in our society and even our National Capital is no exception to it. It is strange that some people in our society do not teach their young generation: how to treat and behave with women and senior citizens for happy and healthy life. This is very important to end the menace of crime against women.
‘Beti Bachao Beti Paraho’ is hot slogan now-a-days. The slogan needs practical implementation as the females need enough care. Fortunately, in this case, the condition gives the poet an advantage of universal appeal of Beti Bachao Beti Paraho by projecting this book as representation of universal feeling of suffering of human race. The poem “Kaun Yaad Karta Mujhe” is a glaring example of Sharma’s vision and reach.
The poem “Budapa Ki Sachai”, the last and the most difficult phase of our life, which is bound to arrive with all sorts of problems which can cripple one’s spirits, describes hidden feelings of an old man, who finds himself helpless in the all round changes .
The old man often feels isolated from outer world and remembers many sour and sweet experiences of life.
Solid Contribution
The demonetization of 500 and 1000 currency notes which took place during the month of November, 2016 did not leave the imagination of the poet un-influenced. In the poem “Mere Hazar Ke Note”, Sharma consoles himself by the radical transformation for the better.
Born at Kishtwar, a remote area of J&K State, he did his M.A in Sanskrit from Jammu University, later joined Education Department as a teacher and ultimately retired as Principal, Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School, Kishtwar-during October, 2002.
The Minister of State, Priya Sethi as well as the renowned writer, Padam Shree Dr. Jitendra Udhampuri, in their messages have highly complimented the poet, Kewal Krishan Sharma for his selfless service and literary work.
The book under review was recently released by Sunil Sharma, Minister of State for Transport at an impressive and well attended function organised by Kishtwari Sahitya Kala Sangam in which a galaxy of writers, academicians and prominent citizens were present.
The author has the distinction of working tirelessly and giving the society his constructive contribution.
This book is a good publication reflecting the cultural traits and social reforms in addition to sense of humour, pain of separation, desperation and anxiety. The literary merit will make the book essential reading material for the readership.
(Starline Syndicate Service)