PM Modi calls for global meet to deal with terrorism and terror sponsors

MALE: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said terrorism poses a major challenge globally and especially to countries like India and Maldives and asserted that there is a need for a global meet to discuss on terrorists and those who are supporting terrorism in the name of a good terrorist or a bad terrorist.

“I will expect the world bodies and especially the major global players that within a time frame, a global conference be convened to discuss matters pertaining to terrorism. So that we can discuss all issues and loopholes that the terrorists and their supporters make use of,” Mr Modi said.

“To deal with terror and radicalism is a big challenge before the world community,” Prime Minister said addressing People’s Majlis – Parliament – of Maldives here.

He underlined that the manner the world has shown determination to deal with the challenge of climate change, the same sincerity must be shown in dealing with terrorism too. (AGENCIES)