Plight of labourers

This is a matter of deep anguish that the people who are still doing the work in sewer and septic tank, not getting justice. The law says that after death of workers, their families will get cash compensation and Government job, the employer and owner will be answerable if he did not provide safety gears; but the fact shows that even First Information Reports (FIR) were filed in only 35 percent of the cases; none led to a trial or prosecution of any sort. Only 31 percent of affected families received cash compensation, while none received the rehabilitation or alternative jobs to which they are entitled by law. This study was released by the Rashtriya Garima Abhiyan (RGA), an NGO partnering with the Union Ministry of Social Justice for an ongoing manual scavenging census and covered a sample group of 97 deaths in 51 incidents across 11 States. The NGO says it had identified 302 deaths in 140 incidents in those States, but admits the actual numbers could be even higher. The Ministry reported 323 deaths nationwide in 2017 alone. This injustice can break their trust on the government and constitution, some immediate actions should be taken to provide them the rights they have been given by the law.
Q Qasmi