Plastic problem

Plastic ! plastic ! plastic! Everywhere we confront with this man made devastation. It seems that we are living on plastic planet than on green planet.
Plastic is a non biodegradable material which is creating very precarious and alarming situation for all the flora and fauna on this green planet. It is not merely destroying the beauty of this planet but also effected the life of all by its ill impact.
This man made material has now turned into a man made devastation. Now it become a necessary evil for us. At least 70 percent of our house hold material is made up of plastic products. However, it is also an indispensable part of our life outside our homes like markets, industries etc.
Recently Government has launched a unique campaign against no single use of plastic. It is a very praiseworthy and exemplary initiative of the Government to curb the menace of this evil. No doubt, the single use of plastic products are creating much trouble in our life with a rapid pace than recycled and long durable plastic material.
But after the expiry, both the single use of plastic products as well as durable plastic products finally enter into the dumping sites which then create havoc for environment.Then it has made our soil polluted and infertile.
By adopting the policy of no use of plastic products we can contribute in Swacch Bharat Abhiyan. This is not a localised problem for only one country but a world wide phenomenon. There is need to launch a global campaign against this worst problem.With the sincere efforts of all we can get rid from this man made devastation.
Shyam Sudan