Plants you can grow in Garden

Andrina Bell
Horticulture is responsible for the cultivation and management of the plants for the sustainable production of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and ornamental flowers. It enables us to improve the characteristics of plants to produce different varieties that are utilized for a different purpose.
Plants have undergone different developmental processes, and their environment and propagation method have contributed to their growth. Each kind of plant is unique with its purpose in nature which makes them interesting and valuable. Now, if you want to gain more knowledge about the different classification of plants that you want to have in your garden just continue reading right down below.
Climbing Plants
These plants are characterized by thin, long, and woody vines that can twine around the branches of trees and backyards’ walls. These plants have a particular structure called tendrils that can carry their weight and coil with other plants to climb upward.
Plants like roses have a different kind of classification; they can be from shrubs to vines or from ground cover to trees, depending on its purpose. If you want to integrate roses vines in your landscape, they are perfect for a gazebo and structure coverings.
Climbing plants are great for limited space; you can optimize the space by supporting barriers that they can freely climb. There are different kinds of climbing plants that you can grow such as cucumbers, grapevines, pea plants, money plants, etc.
Shrubs Plants
Shrubs consist of a bushy woody stem ranging from small to medium of height. They can’t grow taller than a tree, but they can be flexible, bushy, and drought tolerant. Shrubs can maintain their structure above all year round; they cannot split or deform unless you intend it.
Shrubs are the bone of the landscape. They can provide you with the structure that you want for your garden. Shrubs have the versatile ability compared to trees. Once grown, shrubs can still be transplanted into other locations compared to trees. You may consider growing these kinds of scrubs such as common lilacs, rose bushes, jasmine lemon, tulsi, henna, red-twig dogwood, stewartstonian azalea, easy Italian ice, and many more.
Trees have a single main trunk that holds the branches that bear the flowers, fruits, and leaves. Trees are vital in the environment. They provide a significant contribution of oxygen to sustain the lives on earth. Aside from that, your trees are the best barrier that you can have for your house against strong winds. Planting your desired trees will make your surroundings cool, clean, and refreshing.
There are various kinds of trees that you can consider in your backyard. Fruit trees are more desirable if you want to have freshly picked fruits. A tree’s lifespan will reach several years which can be more beneficial than having nothing. Mango, cashew, oak, orange, and peach fruit trees can be a good option to consider in your backyard.
Ground covers
Ground covers or drift are the groups of low-lying plants that can spread on the ground. These plants cover the topsoil to prevent erosion and drought. Ground covers can improve the appearance of your landscape by preventing the weed from taking over the area.
These plants are extremely drought tolerant and they require total sun exposure to develop. The proper arrangement of ground covers can create a clean and desirable dressing for your landscape. There are several types of groundcovers that you can quickly cultivate. You can choose from these plants such as lily of the valley, creeping thyme, creeping juniper, lavender, aronia, etc. Growing these plants will provide an additional attraction to viewers.
Herbs can grow without a significant woody tissue; you can easily uproot them from the ground. It is a short-sized plant with a soft green stem and a branchless or thin branch. These plants can either be annual, biennial, or perennial; they can complete their life cycle within one to two seasons. These plants contain the essential nutrients that are good for daily consumption and for medicinal treatment.
Herbs are mainly used in culinary due to their savory and aromatic properties that you can use for flavoring, garnishing, and food enhancer. It may include mint, parsley, lavender, basil, dill, etc. Furthermore, herbs provide you with the essential health benefits, it prevents you from acquiring heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes that are vital for your health.
Plants are the primary producers of all the human’s basic needs which makes lives possible and sustainable. The existence of all species has played a significant purpose for making the lives of all entities possible which explains how everything is interconnected. Each individual characteristic and habits have enabled the surroundings to be more productive and greener which humans have mostly benefited from.
Thus, knowing the characteristics of these plants will help us to determine the necessary care and attention needed for the plants to grow and develop. As humans, it is also our prime responsibility to cultivate and take good care of their existence and be one with nature.