Physical charm vanishes away

Swami Rameswarupji Yogacharya
Eternal Vedic knowledge preaches us to be learned about Traitwad i.e. alive matter souls, God and non-alive matter Prakriti. Again if we pay our attention towards Vedas, we find that there are mainly two matters- alive and non-alive. Alive matters are only two i.e. God and souls, who are always unchangeable and immortal whereas non-alive matters i.e. Prakriti made worldly articles like gold, silver, wealth and especially corporal/physical body of human-beings; are changeable and destructable etc.
Naturally, if we would love non-alive matters especially physical charms of opposite sex then you see time is labouring on and accordingly the physique or physical charms would diminish day by day.
On the contrary, if a soul loves soul then the divine qualities of soul being immortal, the love of soul to soul would be everlasting.
Actually, at this juncture, the vedic preach of learned Acharya is the earnest requirement of children, especially young generation as was in previous yugas, to be away from falsehood, false love and false thinking, completely full of selfishness which has been destroying not only the character and innocence of youngsters but has been a major cause of weakening the nation. Most of our youngsters studying in schools, colleges, universities etc. indulge in illusion, in the absence of preach of learned vedic acharya and therefore use addiction, fake love between opposite sexes and generate terrorism too as is known through T.V. and newspapers daily.
Most of the people of the world cannot be kept aside from being involved in the above quoted, illusion. That is why, Thomas Careo could not resist from describing the difference between love based on physical charm and soul to soul, whose poetry is mentioned below-
“He that loves a rosy cheek,
Or a coral lip admires,
Or from star like eyes doth seek,
Fuel to maintain his fires;
As old time makes these decay,
So his flames must waste away
But a smooth and steadfast mind,
Gentle thoughts and calm desires,
Hearts with equal love combined,
Kindle never dying fires

Where these are not, I despise
Lovely cheeks or lips or eyes.”
Idea of the poem is this that those who love physical charms only, like lips, cheeks, eyes, fair skin etc and from the said fuel, they think to maintain their fire of love, they are surely ignorant because when old time will come and physical charm will vanish away then their love based on physical charm will automatically end.
Such people do not know that we are not bodies but souls who reside within it. Destructible body and immortal soul are completely separate from each other. Soul is the lord of human body.
So, fundamentally God has asked the soul to use his senses and whole body, to discharge his duties mentioned in Vedas. If the soul follows the vedic preach of God then there arises no problem of addiction, bad character and other worldly disputes but when, due to ignorance mind and intellect starts commanding soul then unlimited sins are generated.
So, the people who discriminate on the basis of colour, caste or creed, they being against the Vedas are punishable by God.
In this regard, I paste a true story as under-
Once king Janak saw a dream that he was hungry. At a place, he found a piece of chapati. He was about to eat it but a kite snatched it from him and flew away. Suddenly, King Janak woke up. He began to think whether he was hungry in dream or being a king how could he be hungry.
He announced that he who would answer his question, that person would be awarded. Several self-proclaimed learned persons came to answer but all in vain. After sometime, an old, dark skinned person, disabled by eight body parts was seen.He slowly-slowly reached and sat on the special chair provided for learned of Vedas.
On this, the crowd of so-called saints started laughing over his distorted appearance. Infact he was adorable Ashtavakra Muniji. Now, Ashtavakra Muniji, in a pleasant and calm voice, told the king that your gathering of learneds is actually a crowd of cobblers because they judged me from my dark skin and disable body. So, they are specialists of knowing the skin, but not learned soul- knowledge of Brahma. Had they been known of soul, then they would have neglected his disabled body and black skin and would have respected him, knowing that he was not body but soul and knower of soul and Almighty God. Thereafter, Muni replied to the questions of King Janak, Oh! Janak, neither you are a king nor a hungry beggar. Your body seems to be King by wearing the dress of King. Actually, you are alive and purest soul which resides within body.
The above real story teaches us not to judge skin but to judge soul and vedic knowledge which is an eternal and everlasting truth.