PHE workers ‘Gherao’ office of Chief Engg

PHE workers conducting ‘Gherao’ of Chief Engineer’s office at BC Road during protest in Jammu on Tuesday. -Excelsior/Rakesh
PHE workers conducting ‘Gherao’ of Chief Engineer’s office at BC Road during protest in Jammu on Tuesday. -Excelsior/Rakesh

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, May 21: A large number of PHE employees and casual workers under the banner of “PHE Employees United Front” conducted “Gherao” of Chief Engineer office, PHE Department Jammu at BC Road complex here today.
A large number of PHE workers/ employees assembled at PHE Complex BC Road in the morning and conducted ‘Gherao’ of Chief Engineer’s office. Senior trade unionists, Bakshi Singh, Shiv Kumar Sharma, Subash Verma, KC Dubey, Kulbushan Singh, Bhanu Partap and others were leading.
The employees showed great resentment against the higher authorities in PHE and Finance Department for adopting delaying tactics regarding the regularization of casual and other workers. The workers were demanding solution of other pending genuine demands, such as- release of all pending earned wages of workers for the last 55 months, arrange month wise wages for all sorts of casual workers, providing of Rs 5 lakh cash compensation to the retiring or retired casual workers at the time of their retirements and providing of job to one family member of the deceased daily wagers in the department, remove the wages bar from the such casual workers who have not paid 12 months wages from 3/2015 to 3/2016, Ist appointment of the casual workers be considered from the month of he/she has drawn his/her Ist salary etc.
The speakers alleged that despite assurances given by the Commissioner Secretary, PHE/Irrigation & Flood Control Department in different meetings to the leadership of the workers regarding solving of all genuine demands of workers, nothing has been done till today.
The leaders of Employees United Front have warned the PHE higher authorities and the State Govt that if the demands of the employees are not considered by June 22, 2019, the employees and workers of PHE Department will be forced to take drastic step like ‘Kam Chhor Hartal ’ and the State Govt will be held responsible for the consequences.