Peter Dinklage wants Reed Morano to helm ‘Supergirl’ film

LOS ANGELES, Sept 14: “Game of Thrones” star Peter Dinklage believes Reed Morano, who directed him in the feature “I Think We’re Alone Now”, should helm the “Supergirl” film.
Speaking at the premiere of the new film, Dinklage addressed the rumours of Warner Bros planning to collaborate with Morano for the “Supergirl” solo and said the director is perfect for it.
“I just heard about it today, but stranger things have happened out of rumours. Could be fun to start rumours and make a movie!” Dinklage said.
“Reed is just a beautiful cinematographer and director,” he added.
Dinklage’s co-star Elle Fanning also seemed excited about the prospects of Morano helming the superhero film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
“Reed is someone who is so inspiring when you watch her, just her abundance of artistic talent and how she can juggle so many things,” Fanning said.
“I’m open to (her directing ‘Supergirl’), sure!” she added.
Morano, best known for directing episodes of “The Handmaid’s Tale”, said she has not heard anything about the project from the studio but would be happy to take it up.
“I don’t know if it’s really a thing, (but) I like the idea of doing something new every time, so I don’t say no to any idea,” Morano revealed.
“I’m always thinking (how) I can bring something new to the table that still feels authentic to the story, not (doing something) just for the sake of doing something new. But if there’s a reason for me to do (‘Supergirl’) in particular, then I would like to do it,” she added. (PTI)