Perpetual affliction needs permanent treatment

Jammu region having again been chosen by hostile forces active from across the border for perpetuating terror activities for the last few months about which we have been raising concern from time to time, is quite astonishing. The emerged situation, therefore, provides yet more space and room to go whole hog against terrorists even by pursuing an effective proactive policy. Ambushing a patrol party of Army on Monday and attacking it from three sides in Surankot tehsil of Poonch district in Jammu by militants resulting in the martyrdom of five of our army personnel denotes injecting new tactics and manoeuvrings in the on-going proxy war of terrorism thrust on the country which is going on for the last four decades. Losing as many of our brave-hearts in a single operation by the Army with the infiltrators in Poonch is first of its kind, neither heard nor seen for several years. Wherefrom these armed men came and how they managed to engage the army men in an encounter to inflict the loss of five of them, points to the fact that in spite of so much of vigil and guard of the security forces, simply due to the characteristics of the border being porous, these trained, indoctrinated and well sponsored ”militants” succeed in sneaking into this side along with arms and ammunition.
In the nearby forests of the area, presence of more militants can neither be overruled nor any chance taken in not only combing the entire area extensively but finding out them from their havens and holes in these forests only to be neutralised. The possibility of more of such militants being in the area with the active support and providing of logistics by the OGWs and joined by freshly infiltrated ones, cannot equally be brushed aside. Dera Ki Gali dividing the two border districts of Poonch and Rajouri is reported to be having had presence of some suspects believed to be active militants only needing to be found out and dealt with accordingly. Not only the Government but the entire nation must say now that ‘enough was enough’ and why should there be this affliction troubling us continuously for more than four decades and why not to give a suitable response to the terror bases and training camps in the country from where such forces draw inspiration, sustenance and all help.
While we have every reason, basis and logic to applaud the professionalism and valour of our armed personnel in guarding our borders and even in fighting the terrorists, yet with this incident, there is need to learn a lot and to devise such measures so as to thwart any such attacks on our army personnel in future. Unless reasons specific for such a loss caused are ascertained and calculated, only then due risks taken with intent to suffer bare minimum loss and damage during the operations of neutralising such groups of armed marauders can bring all round success. After all, why should this all happen and for what purpose needs to be dived deep into and without mincing any words, shared openly so that a national consciousness gets mobilised leaving aside political and ideological differences. We reiterate that the reasons of spurt in terror violence in the valley followed by in Jammu region is also on account of recent developments taking place in Afghanistan due to which Pakistan feels a shot in its arm or a boost thus gathering cheeks to intensify its terror agenda which it thinks will change ”some game” to its advantage despite knowing fully that its such actions have all proved to be futile, wasteful and nothing except spilling of innocents’ blood.
We must embark upon pressing into combat operations modern means of technology in tracing militants and burrowing them from their holes from where with the logistics provided by the OGWs, they carry out such attacks and afterwards disappear. We do not only hail and appreciate but feel proud of our armed forces as to how these enemies of humanity, peace and progress are dealt with suitably but incident to incident approach must also be accompanied by other means and measures by which their spine gets broken never to raise head again. That includes also a check and containment on promoting radicalisation and extremism. These factors become the base for young people for getting motivated to join militancy to carry out violent attacks. The scenario needs to be looked at purely from the angle of national security, sovereignty and territorial integrity. Therefore, this being a national issue and cause which calls for a united, concerted, unqualified and combined resolve with a firm mind-set by all sections and political parties to vow to fight to the finish such forces indulging in spilling the blood of innocent civilians and spreading violence, hatred, secession, communal discord and extreme radicalisation.