Indo-China talks – a damp squib

India, as usual, believing in settling bilateral issues only across the table in congenial atmosphere through talks in its highest traditions of promoting and strengthening peace in the region must be reciprocated by positive response. In other words, upon the insistence of External Affairs Minister of India to his Chinese counterpart that the pending issues of discord in Eastern Ladakh sector be decided and settled through talks, suggestions put forward by India were neither matched with a positive response by China nor did it think it feasible to put forth its ”view point” and any set of suggestions thus lending a blow to the bright prospects of settling remaining points of friction in the Ladakh sector. That means 13th round of high level Military talks remaining not only inconclusive but China giving enough indications of its double and dubious standard which has been its wont all through.
This winter also it has fortified and strengthened its military infrastructure on the border and deployed its army (PLA) in strength leaving no choice for India to but to reciprocate in similar fashion. India’s peace initiatives and settling disputes across the table, therefore, having not been given due regard in perspective by China, the other option that of meeting any eventuality very effectively has to be equally conveyed to China which is being conveyed as push coming to a shove cannot be taken lightly but returned with resounding measure and extent.