People say Bukhari worked hard, but Sangrama lacks development

Ex-MLAs’ Report Card Constituency: Sangrama
Ex-MLAs’ Report Card Constituency: Sangrama

Waseem Ahmad

SANGRAMA: Majority of the areas in Sangrama constituency lacked development but people in few areas said that the former MLA has worked hard in their areas and mitigated their day to day issues like problems of drinking water, electricity, health care etc.
Sangrama constituency of North Kashmir’s Baramulla district was represented by former People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader Syed Basharat Bukhari. He retained the seat during 2014 Assembly elections by defeating Shoib Nabi Lone of Congress with a Margin of 1754 votes. Bukhari, who recently joined National Conference polled 12146 votes and Lone 10392 votes.
The inhabitants said that they have been neglected on developmental front over the years and people faced problems of bad roads, drinking water shortage, proper healthcare and electricity issues.
The residents of almost all the villages complained that the roads are in dilapidated condition and they have been facing immense hardships in commuting.
They said although roads in some areas are in good condition but the main roads as well as inner link roads in other areas have never been developed or macadamized for last several areas. “Maximum roads of the constituency are in bad shape. They are full of potholes and ditches, besides black topping has hardly been done. Inner link roads, lanes and by-lanes are also in shambles. The macadamization of the roads has been done on selective areas only,” the residents said.
Residents of Choora area said that the development of the road towards Kreeri was started but it has not been completed yet due to which people are facing hardships.
The residents of upper belt from Wagoora to Kandi areas also complained that the roads have not been macadamized and are in pathetic condition.
The inhabitants of the constituency alleged that works done under MGNREGA have benefitted some influential people and contractors, while as deserving areas have been left out. “First, the works are carried out in selective areas only where influential persons are residing and then the contracts of the works are also given to the contractors who are closely associated with power circles,” they alleged.
Residents of Nopora area said that no development has been done in the area for last 11 years and they are suffering from multiple issues. “The condition of roads is pathetic in our area. No macadamization has been carried out. The area is also facing electricity issues,” Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din, a resident said.
He also said that the area is facing water scarcity and the drinking water that is being supplied is unfiltered that leads to threat of breakdown of diseases.
The inhabitants of village Shrakwara, Potkhah, Seer, Mukam, Mirangund, Durhama, Wagil, Takia and other scores of villages in this belt said that they are being forced to drink unfiltered water as there is no filtration plant in the areas.
When it comes to the health care sector, the inhabitants said that Kreeri hospital is somewhat in good condition but the other hospitals as well as health centers in villages are in shambles.
They said the Primary Health Centres (PHCs) in Nopora, Shrakwara, Kutchwa and other health centers are without facilities and have shortage of doctors due to which patients are suffering and often people prefer other hospitals.
The inhabitants of Wagoora area said that the area lacks proper healthcare, drinking water facilities, electricity, education and road connectivity. “Some works including black topping of roads have been done in these years, but other important sectors remained unchanged. No major initiative was started in the area which could have benefitted general public in the long run. Wagoora town was neglected due to some unknown reasons,” the residents said.
The residents of Nopora area said that a Higher Secondary School in the area is without facilities including lack of infrastructure, shortage of staff and other facilities.
The inhabitants who are dependent on agriculture and its allied sectors blame their representative for his failure to address the irrigation problems in the area.
The farmers said that water has been diverted to other areas due to which required water supply doesn’t reach to their fields. “We approached authorities several times to help us to save horticulture from drought like situation by sanctioning irrigation projects, but they didn’t pay any heed,” they said.
They also said that the Irrigation canals are full of garbage as all the trash is thrown in it due to non-availability of a garbage dumping site and despite approaching concerned authorities, no efforts were done to clean these canals.
The residents said that no streetlights were installed in the main market and the existing ones are lying defunct and were never repaired despite repeated requests. “The market reels under darkness after evening and people have to face a lot of incontinence,” they said.
The inhabitants of the constituency also complained that the majority of the villages reel under darkness most of the times due to frequent and unscheduled power cuts. “The electric poles and wires were never changed in the villages. They were distributed among the sympathizers of the former MLA while needy areas were left out. There are still wooden poles installed in the villages and wires are still tied to trees,” Muhammad Nissar, an elderly resident said.
He also said that in a grid station at Potkhah, a 13 KV transformer was sanctioned but only 6KV transformer was installed which leads to low voltage of electricity.
The other villages of the constituency including Sitchpora, Dulipora, Waripora, Balla, Payeen, Frasthar, Khisipora, Wanigam Bala, Check Tapper, Karewa, Check Saloosa, Thandima, Kow Check, Hernow, Sheikhpora, Karshnar, Shirpora, Burzwasham, Dardpora, Watergam, Hala Jagir, Allaipora, Wizar, Mian Saloosa, Aathora, Dawlatpora, Mungam and other villages also complained that they have been neglected and lacks quality drinking water, healthcare, roads and scheduled electricity.
The inhabitants also said that some bridges that include Saloosa Bridge, Dingdara Bridge, Wizar Bridge and Bangdara Bridge are incomplete despite work going on for several areas.
The youth of the constituency in many areas said that there is no proper playground available for them where they will play outdoor games. They said although some small grounds are available but they are not satisfied and there should be a proper stadium in the constituency.
However, people in Kreeri belt said that the former MLA has worked for the development of their area.
Despite repeated attempts by this reporter to reach former MLA of the constituency, Syed Basharat Bukhari for comments, he was not available and didn’t respond to the phone calls.