People fatigued with bureaucratic rule in J&K: Harsh

Excelsior Correspondent
UDHAMPUR, May 20: Asserting that bureaucratic rule in J&K had proved a flop show, Harsh Dev Singh, senior AAP leader and former Minister, said that the general masses were fast losing faith in the present dispensation which had failed to address even their basic concerns.
“With people across the new UT protesting on day to day basis for un-interrupted power and adequate water supply, restoration of roads and other essential services, there did not appear to be any takers for their shrill cries,” he said while addressing public meetings in Dadi and Bindla villages of Chenani constituency, here today.
Harsh Dev Singh lamented that the condition of educational institutions was equally pathetic as acute deficiency of teaching staff in the remote areas have rendered several schools defunct. “The students were forced to protest in the open for provision of adequate staff, especially in Basantgarh, Khaned, Punara, Pattangarh villages outside their respective schools which unfortunately failed to elicit any favourable response from the concerned quarters. Several schools had been closed down in rural areas in the zones of Dudu, Chenani and Latti with an imbecile administration averse to the problems faced by the people of the said areas,” said Mr Singh.
Decrying the withdrawal of notification for recruitments in various Govt Deptts after issuance of advertisements, Mr Singh said that there were several other instances to show that the present regime was moving in fits and starts accompanied by reverses. “Youth were repeatedly assured of an employment package which was nowhere to be seen. The DRWs and other casual workers, despite being assured of regularization were left high and dry and made to languish on the roads. Non-provision of employment avenues has had the educated unemployed youth boiling with rage with the Govt clearly miscalculating the possible blowback,” rued Mr Singh.
Asserting that general masses were fatigued with the bureaucratic rule, Mr Singh called for an end to proxy rule in J&K and early restoration of democracy in the erstwhile State. He also appeared the Lt Governor to put on official website of various Deptts, the details of representations received in various public interaction programmes, issues discussed therein and action taken in pursuance thereof so as to make the ‘public hearings’ relevant and meaningful.