PEECC members protest, urge LG to revisit on PDD unbundling

PDD employees staging protest in Jammu on Thursday.
PDD employees staging protest in Jammu on Thursday.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Feb 27: The Power Employees & Engineers Coordination Committee of Power Development Department today held a brief protest and meeting in Jammu to discuss the proceedings ever since the unbundling of the Power Development department into corporations has taken place.
PEECC members expressed resentment over non-transparency in the unbundling, the apprehensions brought before the Government during the unbundling process have slowly become reality and the department has been brought to complete stand still. There are no promotions happening, nor there is any creation of promised posts. The powers in respect of the Chief Engineers have been curtailed and there is no regularisation process in sight.
The Corporations have been made operational in a hasty manner and there is no business model in place. The employees are being treated as a commodity and there is no Human Resource wing in place to address the issues of the employees.
There is a constant delay in the disbursement of salaries in respect of employees deputed to these Corporations. It is pertinent to mention that every employee has to incur regular expenditure towards school fee, loan installments and other fixed expenses timely in addition to fulfilling the daily needs. Due to the delay in the release of salaries employees are facing difficult situation and have to borrow from relatives in order to meet up the expenses.
Power Development Department employees though doing job in all odd circumstances whether rain or snow and serving the public day in day out, are being made to suffer for disbursal of salaries primarily due to non transfer of the requisitioned funds for salary timely to the DDOs by the Managing Directors of these Corporations. Further , the regularisation of the daily wagers has also been completely halted which has dented the morale of the field staff who are serving the department since last 20 years with zeal and enthusiasm.
PEECC is hopeful that Lt Governor shall revisit the decision of the unbundling of Power Development Department and issue orders for putting back the department in place.