Pay Property Tax

In the recent order by the J&K (UT) Govt. regarding levying a minimum house tax in J&K many political parties and NGO’s have started protests against much house tax.
I would like to lay down that all the residents of cantonment area of Jammu have been paying heavy house tax since 1854. When one room owners have been paying much tax due to which our area people have never encountered cleanliness, clearance of drains and nallahs problems. Other required facilities are also being provided.
All political parties such as NC, Congress, PDP, BJP were approached by the cantonment dwellers for remission of such house tax but no one heard our plea since 1954.
I appeal to the public that we must contribute towards nominal house tax for better facilities and such so called NGO’s and political parties should end their politically motivated protests.
K S Jarsotia
National Groundwater Advisory Council Government of India Ministry of Water resources.