Pay anomaly of clerical staff

The designated committee set up to look into the entire issue of pay anomalies of clerical cadre in State Government service has submitted its report and the same has been accepted by the State Administrative Council which recently met under the chairmanship of Governor N .N. Vohra. It may be recalled that the aggrieved employees had been upset and struggling to get the anomalies set right.
Since any issue connected with payment of salaries and wages have direct impact on financial resources of the State as usually in such cases, the issue has traditionally remained for a hike or a better revision and never ever for reduction in such payments; it was, therefore,  going to put additional strain on the exchequer to the tune of Rs.145 crore. Nearly over 25000 employees were going to be benefitted. While the Government has done its duty, even if belatedly, it is  for the employees to reciprocate in adequate measure by ensuring that in their departments the quality of work improved and dispensed with speed  especially in matters directly effecting the public.
We are always stressing upon the basic principle of service conditions that the employees were paid their dues in time against fulfilling their obligatory duty to perform full day’s job and not made to face hardships on any count but at the same time, while the employer, the State Government did its part of job even belatedly, it was the other side which needed to adequately respond. The public is assessing their commitment. Rewards for better performance and penalties for shirking work must be the part and parcels of the system.