Patnitop cable car

Planned 15 years back , decks are cleared for the soft launch of the cable car in the famous tourist spot of Patnitop in Jammu division. Other facilities like zip line, tubing sledge and magic carpet and the like which the incoming tourists want to have at this cool and serene picnic spot shall now become a reality. With these added facilities, the turnout of the tourists was bound to see a fillip and a boost. The Governor’s rule could make it all possible in a speedy way by reviewing the progress of the project periodically, as the project was in a stage of fits and starts under the successive State Governments since the year of its conceding and subsequent approval, say in the year 2004.
If all goes well and as per optimistic calculations , the launch could fructify in early next month, say by 6th of June , thus giving rest to the long wait of the interested ones in the cable car ride. The cable car shall be having 18 cabins having the capacity of carrying 8 persons by each cabin or 144 persons in one ride from Sanget to Patnitop. This ropeway has the peculiarity of being operational in all the seasons throughout the year and is highly technical, with the required safety and security standards and with longest spans between its towers having State of the art Gondolas. The ride between the two towers can prove soothing and a feast to the eyes of the tourists to enjoy the scenic beauty of the entire area from a good height from the ground.
To provide allied facilities to the tourists intending to enjoy the ride, there is provision for Wi-Fi access, refreshments, food and beverages, on -site parking and shopping store. These facilities can be availed of at both the stations of the ride. This added facility at patnitop was bound to generate interest in tourists to visit other important spots of tourist interest thus giving a boost to the influx of tourists to the entire region. Care has been and should by all means be taken, to keep security and safety standards under constant watch and review which is paramount for its long term success and utility.