Pathania, Jivan Lal bat for ST status to Koli community

Excelsior Correspondent
RAMNAGAR, Aug 19: Ranbir Singh Pathania, MLA Ramnagar and Jivan Lal MLA Bani made an intensive two-day tour of Dudu-Basantgarh organizing awareness camps, workshops in the area of Majouri, Shivgali, Dudu, Basantgarh and Kirchi.
Both the legislators reiterated party’s resolve to stick to the basic principle that the benefit of Government schemes should reach to the ‘last man in the last row’. They said that policies and programmes of Narendra Modi led Government are primarily focussed on improving the well-being of the poor and down trodden and  the present regime is committed to the “empowerment of poor’ along with protection by various social security schemes.
Various cultural programs, skits and folk songs revolving around the theme of these welfare schemes were presented by team of artists from National Songs and Drama Division, Chandigarh, with a view to creating mass awareness and propagating the benefits of these schemes.
Both the legislators held a series of public meeting at various places, listened to the problems of the public and provided spot resolution to various issues. Responding to demand for grant of ST status to Koli community, both the legislators expressed their full support to this legitimate demand and assured that Koli community will be accorded ST status soon. The issue has been taken up with Backward Classes Commission and positive results are expected very soon.
Speaking on the occasion,  Jivan Lal MLA Bani said that present Government is committed to the welfare of all sections of society and believes in “Sab ka Saath, Sab ka Vikas”. Coming down heavily on opposition he said that they are raking up one issue or the other just to hoodwink the public and gain public attention. He said that certain political parties after being rejected by voters are now engaged in stage managed protests and dharnas so as to regain public confidence back. He said that voters are now mature enough not to fall in their trap and understand their ulterior motives.


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