Patanjali offers 25% discount on Coronil kit

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Jan 10: To help the people in the period of crisis of this third wave of COVID pandemic, Patanjali have decided that all Patanjali medical centers in the country will give 25 percent discount on Coronil kit.
According to handout issued by Patanjali, the people can order Coronil Kit at a discount by ordering directly from Patanjali Order Me App or online at
Those who are institutionalized to serve others with one cartoon (25 pieces) and above want to order Coronil kit, we will give 40 percent discount to them, so that in times of crisis, people will get relief and assistance, the statement reads.
“In the last almost 2 years, a very large family of Corona has been born, and almost 2 years have been passed to face the Corona to the country and the world, but the entire medical system and industries together have not yet been able to make the medicine of Corona. The vaccine has definitely been made, although it is not a treatment of corona but only a prevention”, the statement reads.
In these last 20 months, we have done more than 20 international research papers, treatment prevention of corona and created a new record by publishing for complexity and has kept a history.
“We have worked on all three types of patients of mild moderate and severe of corona, given medicines to the people and got them out of trouble. We have data of moderate and severe patients in which the effect of this medicine has been seen in corona infection”, the statement reads.
“Our commitment is to establish an integrated system of thinking across the world’s medical systems to fulfill WHO’s objective of Sustainable Health. Through Patanjali Wellness, it is our aim to replace Integrated Pathy all over the world by giving people a permanent solution to diseases”, the statement reads.