Pakistan should eliminate terrorism first: Madhav

BJP general secretary Ram Madhav addressing a press conference in Srinagar on Tuesday. —Excelsior/Shakeel
BJP general secretary Ram Madhav addressing a press conference in Srinagar on Tuesday. —Excelsior/Shakeel

Excelsior Correspondent

Srinagar, Mar 26: Bhartiya Janata Party General Secretary Ram Madhav today said that Pakistan should first take steps to eliminate terrorism only then other issues can be sorted out. He said that those contesting for the development in Jammu and Kashmir will win and those who have double-standards would taste defeat.
Speaking to reporters here, Madhav when asked about Kartarpur corridor, said Prime Minister Narendea Modi will take a decision on it, but the major issue is that “terrorism should be eliminated first only then other issues can be resolved.”
When asked about opening of Sharda Peeth, the BJP General Secretary said:  ”Our biggest challenge is terrorism and all other issues can be sorted out later. If Pakistan is successful to wipe out terrorism from its soil, other issues will follow.”
Madhav said that people are wise-enough to understand the divisive politics being played by some people in Kashmir. “A drama is going on and let them do it, we are hopeful that we will win from Jammu, Ladakh and also from Srinagar,” he said.
“We have fielded our candidates from all the six constituencies of the State for the upcoming Parliament elections. Our candidates will be fighting elections for the three seats of Valley and we are hopeful their performance will be better than 2014 Assembly elections.  Today, we are here to chalk out a strategy for the elections”, the BJP leader said.
Madhav said  that those who are for unity of India should win in Kashmir. “In all the three constituencies of the Valley, we would want those people to win elections who stand for the unity of India. Those people who speak a different language at New Delhi and Kashmir should not win”, he said.
When asked if the NC and Congress who are seeking votes on secularism have they isolated BJP, he said: “The whole country including Kashmir knows their agendas.  People will understand their statement.”
On NC-Congress alliance, the BJP General Secretary said that they are in Jammu they are together and in Kashmir they are fighting seperately. He said that whatever, they will do, BJP will win from Jammu and Ladakh and try to take Srinagar as well.
“This spectacle happening because of elections.  In Jammu, they are together and here they are separated. In order to break the Modi-rule, they are doing different types of exercise and let them do it. I am sure we will win in Jammu and Ladakh and will make strong attempts to win from Kashmir as well”, he said.