Pakistan got drubbings at UNHRC too

In just three minutes, exactly not more than that, Indian representative trivialised and finally rubbished the rhetoric of Pakistan spread over 115 pages and spoken like a running commentary by the Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi in UN Human Rights Council at Geneva on Sept. 10. Terming revocation of Special Status of Jammu and Kashmir as India’s sovereign decision, Indian representative hit out at malicious and totally uncalled for campaign of Pakistan over the issue against India.
Not only that, the occasion was rightfully used to condemn State sponsored terrorism by Pakistan. It is noteworthy that while the crux of the entire issue was clarified with conviction by India, it did not directly name Pakistan even. Hence to engage India in trading and counter trading on manufactured and assumed “fears and apprehensions” of Pakistan for domestic gallery too got defeated. So much was the Pakistani delegation confused and rattled that the Pakistani External Minister Qureshi spoke which none of his predecessors could all these 72 years and that is finally admitting “Indian Jammu and Kashmir”. Now it is fairly known to Pakistan that not Kashmir but only PoK was to be the only agenda in India- Pakistan talks , whenever held only after that country stopped manufacturing terror.