Oxygen crisis due to mismanagement

When up-gradation of medical oxygen plant and centralised oxygen supply like works were already sanctioned last year in October for GMC Hospital, Jammu and even started by the last administration, what forces compelled the present management to not carry it on and not restart the work after the lockdown was lifted? It is just as easy as anything to understand that had that been done, the crisis which was faced and continue to be faced in respect of oxygen supply in critical wards in the hospital would have not taken place at all.
The said project was sanctioned under the “Languishing Projects” at a cost of Rs.4.75 crore . All other formalities were completed administratively at the higher levels by Oct 10, 2019 but in implementation, the management failed resulting in the unprecedented crisis. Poor administration and faulty management of things and not scanning priorities very oftenresult in troubles, crisis and problems the likes of which were witnessed at the GMC Hospital last week. So, the entire crisis was man-made which should make the management answerable. However, we urge the authorities to look into the problem and resolve it on permanent basis.