Over 200 scientists urge Govt to enhance testing facilities for COVID-19

NEW DELHI: Over 200 scientists and members of the Indian academic community on Tuesday asked the Government to rapidly enhance testing facilities to detect COVID-19 in every region of the country.

The scientists, affiliated with several research and academic institutions, noted that both Governmental as well as individual decisions and actions must be based on well-established scientific norms, protocols, logic and reason.

Signatories to the statement, addressed to the Union Government, public and state agencies and general public, include Aurnab Ghose from Pune’s Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research (IISER), L S Shashidhara from Ashoka University, K Muralidhar from IIT Kanpur, Sonali Sengupta from the University of Delhi and Ayan Banerjee of IISER  in Kolkata. (AGENCIES)