Our Ghar Wapsi Only If You Do Law Wapsi: Farmers At 8th Round Of Talks

New Delhi: The eighth round of talks between the government and protesting farmers seems to have made little progress today in breaking the deadlock. Information seeping in during a break indicated that the Union ministers have said laws are meant for the entire nation and not only Punjab and Haryana. The opposite side, however, stuck to its demand saying let the states bring in their own legislation.
“Our ghar wapsi can happen only if you do ‘law wapsi’,” one farmer leader said at the meeting today, news agency reported.
Another pointed out that ideally, the Centre should not interfere in agriculture matters as various Supreme Court orders have declared farming as a state subject.
“It seems you (the government) do not want to resolve the issue as talks have been happening for so many days. In that case, please give us a clear answer and we will go. Why to waste everyone’s time,” he said, according to a news agency report.