Optimal utilization of JKTDC assets

Effective or optimal utilization of resources including created and existing assets is a bulwark against various pushes and pulls that would hinder earning of revenues or returns in any given organization. We, at the same time, must strive to plug the leakages like mismanagement and wastages along with non performance in the system. It is a process which makes the best of or the most of the resources available in order to achieve the desired objectives. Not diving deep into the technicalities of optimal utilization, tourism industry, which is the backbone of the economy of this state needs to aggressively go in for optimal or the best possible utilization of assets of Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation (JKTDC) by giving innovation, new modern approach and evolving of new modules, in respect of tourist business, a practical shape.
On the above lines, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti had given directions to the Corporation nearly a year back and prudence demands and the expected due compliance warranted, coming out with enviable results but the reality is that the directions of the Chief Minister have either been taken lightly or sheer deficiency of competence have rendered such directives redundant or just optional.  Not only this, it is surprising that several concerned officers of the Corporation have feigned ignorance and innocence about such directives, let alone acting upon to show results.
Through these columns we have, many a time, impressed upon the need to evolve an active inter departmental informative system so as to enable the personnel engaged there, know what was going on in the Department, what were new communiqués, circulars, directives from the top administration all about and what was the latest to do to make the Department highly competitive to emerge ahead in the race. The reality is that most of the officers do not know or are not inclined to know anything, perhaps, beyond when was the hike in salaries expected next.
Last year on May 30, the Chief Minister , while chairing the meeting of Board of Directors of Tourism Development Corporation which functions under the close supervision of the Tourism Department, to devise strategies for full utilization of the assets and come up with successful modules of occupancy for providing varied attraction to tourists. Providing wayside facilities along the National Highway and Mughal Road were of imperative need for attracting tourism besides other infrastructural improvements and in this regard, she as the Chairperson of the Corporation, laid ample emphasis on it.
Wherever such facilities existed, they needed to be improved and in this context, the Chief Minister had asked the Corporation officers to tie up with National Highways Authority of India to develop such joint modules. More than one year has passed since such directions were given by the Chief Minister but no major headway has been achieved and nothing of the sort come up with neither at the National Highway nor on the Mughal Road despite there being various stretches along the  roads where no such basic  facilities existed. Tourists feel discomforted and disappointed in the present era of highly competitive Tourist Industry.
Have periodic valuation of the Corporation assets been made? Are various items of inventory being updated and whether periodic inspections are carried out? Which of the units is non performing one in terms of earning of  revenues? What is the solution offered to those units which are making losses? These  questions and issues, which are fundamental when we talk of optimal use , perhaps are alien to the Tourism Department culture and strangely, again, most of the officers feigned ignorance and “innocence”  about the whole “story” which should shake up the pockets and areas  of lethargy and incompetence in the Organization.