Opp harming people’s interests by blocking bills: Naidu

NEW DELHI, Dec 22:
Hitting out at opposition parties, Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu today said they were raising the conversion issue to derail Narendra Modi Government’s agenda of development and good governance and accused them of “blocking” important bills in Parliament.
After the opposition parties stalled proceedings in Parliament, Naidu said that because of the “rigid” stand taken by some of BJP’s opponents, the welfare of the people was getting affected.
He, however, hoped that the situation will improve and important legislations like Insurance Bill, the Coal Bill and also Delhi Special Laws Bill will be passed.
When asked whether the Winter Session of Parliament could be extended, Naidu said the government’s priority is that the Bills should be passed
“Let us see. Tomorrow, the Cabinet committee on Parliamentary Affairs will meet, take stock of the situation and then take a final call,” he said.
“Some opposition parties are trying to rake up this issue and derail the agenda of the government of development and good governance. Unfortunately they will not get any support from people,” Naidu told reporters outside Parliament.
The Parliamentary Affairs Minister emphasised that the Centre or BJP have no role in conversions or reconversions and added that State Governments should act if something wrong is being done.
Speaking about the Delhi Laws (Special provisions) Amendment Bill, he said that if it is not passed soon, lakhs of poor people in Delhi will be evicted and their premises will be sealed.
“This will be very very bad. Keeping all these things in mind, I made a request even in the morning meeting in the Chairman’s chamber also. I requested all the opposition parties please understand the importance of these Bills and cooperate,” Naidu said.
On a question related to the row over conversions, Naidu said that “unfortunately some media people have woken up to conversions just now. Conversions have been going on right from 19th century onwards”.
“If you are concerned, let us have consensus and then take action. As far as Government is concerned, we are neither in favour of conversions, nor in favour of reconversions. The Government has no role at all. Secondly, the BJP also has no role at all. If the people are doing it at their individual level, it is for them,” Naidu said.
He added that as far as Government is concerned, the law is very clear. Wherever there is a forced conversion or an inducement, the law must take its own course and action should be taken by the state government and not the Centre.
“That is what I told my Kerala friends who raised the issue. Your government is there is Kerala, Samajwadi Party government in Uttar Pradesh, you did not bother when all these things were happening. Let there be total details placed before the people. Our critics will be shocked to know what is happening,” he added.
He said that some opposition members raised the matter related to conversion in the house but were not ready for a debate.
He said that vote bank politics has boomeranged on Congress. (PTI)


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