Operational continuity of print, electronic media

In the hours of grave crisis of the coronavirus, the country is facing bravely, while medical fraternity , police personnel, municipal staff and the personnel manning essential services and the like are performing enviably superb services, the people related to the print and electronic media too were not rendering any less important services but keeping the citizens abreast of the latest developments taking place in and around the country and also globally. Reporters, journalists, cameramen, photo journalists and related crew were braving the threat by going out in the open and collecting and assimilating information for the people from each and every part of India.
While their efforts and commitment are commendable especially in respect of the prevailing threat of the coronavirus , Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has urged all states and UTs to ensure “operational continuity “of print and electronic media . Necessary facilities were required to be provided to them so as to enable them creating awareness about the grave challenge and keeping the nation updated with the latest developments thus defeating the over ambitious fake news manufacturers as that created scare and apprehensions in the people. Not only TV Channels, News Agencies, but cable operators, community radio stations, teleport operators, DSNG, DTH, HITS, Multi System Operators etc were covered under these guidelines and receiving of required operational facilities.