Online services come under PSGA

Making Public Services Guarantee Act (PSGA) applicable to more services and more of the UT departments in tune with demanding times, by the UT Government is yet another major development in providing of on-line services to the public. The technical requirements that of carrying an amendment to the said act having thus been carried out, decks stand fully cleared for introduction of speed in providing of services as also element of accountability that of adhering to timelines . Though the environment of e-governance and digitization was all pervasive across the country and unavoidable in implementation , yet to fighting official lethargy , delays and deferments, linking online services of all departments was a much needed decision and an administrative requirement to give a more ”feel” of e-Governance.
Not only that , the online system would discourage to a larger extent, irregular and corrupt practices in the system. The amendments carried out in the relevant Rules of the PSGA for the said purpose were applicable to the second appeals and revisions as well. The gradual but steady switch over during the last few years to the electronic system shall result in the UT standing in the queue of the digitized states/UTs of the country with a grand start almost covering a good distance in on-line journey of providing services to the public. Now time limit having and being fixed from time to time for each service shall energise the entire system to be responsive to the public.