One more milestone in connectivity


We can also term it as a continuous pursuit towards bettering of previous records in connectivity and , therefore, reaching newer milestones . In the instant case of making it possible to keep Zoji mountain pass in Ladakh open even after December 31, all due to efforts of the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) ,is commendable as it has thus shown having lived up to its name in sheer professionalism. Last time , it was made possible only till Devember 31 in harshest winter season but now this year, beyond that date and keeping it open to connect with rest of the country, is quite encouraging . An additional ”window” has thus been provided to the people especially those of Ladakh who stand vastly benefitted to their utter joy. Unless newer and more sustained efforts were made and that also pointedly to achieve a target or an objective , such bettering of previous records cannot be possible. That is to say that by inducting new equipment , more snow clearance detachments etc plus hard work , it could be possible. The turnover of vehicles passing through this world famous pass in a freezing temperature of minus 20 degrees centigrade numbering nearly 200 in three days, cannot be any less ”adventurous ” braving all difficulties like frosting and thus slippery surfaces but made road worthy due to the efforts of the BRO which needs to be noted with satisfaction. We trust that more roadworthiness will be imparted to the Zoji pass to keep it ”going” round the year.