One-day restriction on movement lifted

Excelsior Correspondent
SRINAGAR, Apr 20: Government today relaxed one-day restrictions on Baramulla-Srinagar sector of National Highway (NH-44) but it will continue on over 200 kilometers stretch between Srinagar and Udhampur.
Government today said that there would be no restrictions on the movement of civilians on Srinagar-Baramulla stretch of the highways on Wednesdays. “The restriction on civilian movement between Srinagar and Baramulla on NH-44 would now be limited only to Sundays from April 22, 2019. There would be no prohibition on civilian traffic on Wednesdays”, the statement said.
However, the restrictions on Srinagar-Udhampur would continue. “The restrictions would continue between Srinagar and Udhampur on NH-44 as earlier. However, these would be reviewed periodically and relaxation would be made as the need for restriction reduces”, the statement said.
“Even on the days of restrictions, that is, Sunday and Wednesday between Srinagar and Udhampur and on Sunday between Baramulla and Srinagar, the local administration would continue to facilitate movement of civilian traffic as has been happening in the last two weeks. Further, the local administration and police would examine the possibility of allowing public transport of JKSRTC to move during the period of restriction on the NH even on convoy days”, the statement said.
The Government will do a complete review of restrictions on the Highway after the last phase of elections on May 6 and will examine the need for continuing with them.
Earlier this month, the Government had imposed restrictions on civilian movement on the National Highway (NH-44) connecting Jammu to Srinagar, in order to ensure adequate security to the movement of security force convoys.
The restrictions were imposed to facilitate movement of the convoys on the highway after Pulwama attack for anti-militancy operations and elections. However, as per records on April 7, on the first day of restrictions, a modest 45 vehicle down and 120 vehicle up convoy plied on the NH-44 and on April 10, the second day of restriction, 35 vehicles convoy of Border Security Force (BSF) plied from Srinagar to Jammu and 165-vehicle convoy from Jammu to Srinagar.