Omar targets ECI for not taking action against Modi

NC leader Omar Abdullah addressing an election rally at Aishmuqam in Anantnag on Sunday. —Excelsior/Sajad Dar
NC leader Omar Abdullah addressing an election rally at Aishmuqam in Anantnag on Sunday. —Excelsior/Sajad Dar

Fayaz Bukhari
Srinagar, Apr 21: Former Chief Minister and National Conference vice president, Omar Abdullah, today accused Election Commission of India for being partisan as it has failed to take action against Prime Minister Narendra Modi for violating Model Code of Conduct.
Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of an NC rally at Aishmuqam, Anantnag, he said that it is weakness of ECI, which hasn’t taken action against Modi. “It is the weakness of the Election Commission that they are not taking any action against the continuous violation of Model Code of Conduct by the Prime Minister and the leaders of the BJP”, he said.

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Omar said that the ECI has suspended people from campaigning but PM is continuously playing religious ad national security card. “They have suspended few people from campaigning for one or two days, but the Prime Minister is continuously playing the religion and national security card during the election campaigning. We are hopeful that the Election Commission will prove by its actions that it is acting independently and impartially”, he said.
The NC leader said that there is anger in South Kashmir against PDP. “We are in a good position. More the people will participate in the election more are chances of Hasnain Masoodi to win, rather win with a good margin. There is anguish among people regarding last 5 years”, he said.
The former Chief Minister said that Congress party doesn’t take any decision locally. “In case of Congress, their local leaders are not able to decide anything on their own. I have been in power with the Congress and I have seen that even for a small decision they had to get consent from New Delhi”, he said.
“Our Member Parliament will not have to listen to the orders from New Delhi, nor the orders from the NC leadership in Kashmir. Our representative will have to listen to the voices of the local people in Kashmir and will have to project those voices in the Parliament. I hope that the people of J&K, especially people from South Kashmir will choose the best among the NC”, he said.
Omar said that compared to last elections, there has been a great difference in campaigning. “But it is to be seen that how the campaigning will have an impact on the voter turnout because, earlier, the election campaign was also good in North Kashmir and we were expecting a good turnout, but that did not happen; same thing happened in Srinagar”, he said.
The NC president asked people to come out to vote as boycott helps BJP and RSS. “There have been attempts to create fear psychosis among people in Anantnag, but we hope that voters will come out fearlessly and will cast ballots. It is to be remembered that the boycotting the elections will directly benefit BJP and RSS and I don’t want that people should do that”, he said.