Omar gives tips on surviving quarantine, says establishing routine is must

SRINAGAR: Former J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, who was released from about eight month detention on Tuesday, on Wednesday gave tips of surviving quarantine, saying establishing a routine and exercising was a must to stop feeling of aimlessness.

In a series of tweets, Mr Abdullah said if anyone wants tips on surviving quarantine or a lock down, he has months of experience at his disposal, perhaps a blog is in order. ”The response to the tweet has encouraged me to share a bit of my own experience. It will probably sound rather self evident but it really helped me over the months of solitary detention. I’ll keep adding tweets to this thread as things come to mind so keep checking back,” he tweeted.

He said people should first establish a routine and try to stick to it. ”In all the months, I was in HNSJ (Hari Niwas Sub-Jail) I stuck to a routine as though it were carved in stone. The routine gave me a sense of purpose & stopped me feeling aimless or lost,” he tweeted.  (AGENCIES)