Oldest cremation ground faces official apathy

Literally, a cremation ground should not be ”offended”, neglected or sort of taken liberties with, which calls for according serious attention to it looking to the utility it serves. On a serious note, however, one of the oldest cremation grounds of Jammu and Kashmir at Jogi Gate, Jammu faces official neglect, apathy and effects of corruption. Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) is largely responsible especially its engineering wing for the mess and therefore needs to be pilloried. The way it has handled such a sensitive project is not acceptable. Though renovation and repairs work started on it couple of years ago, yet the same is still incomplete despite spending of a whooping amount of Rs.85 lakh on it. Work on it having thus suffered, fresh tenders are now floated for the project involving an amount of Rs.34 lakh. Faulty planning, rejecting of bids of contractors with lesser amount and awarding work to the one with higher bids even after work started on it, corrupt practices, court cases and the like have all contributed towards the neglect and unwarranted pitiable condition of the cremation ground. We are feeling increasingly concerned over such a pass this place of unique importance has been made to reach and wonder even this place has not remained aloof from corruption and the mess. We, therefore, urge the Government to stem the rot in the JMC which has been responsible for the mess but in the mean time, attention needs to be focussed on its renovation, repairs, facelift and catering to its other facets of dire requirements.