OIC should mind its own business

Interfering in internal affairs of any sovereign country is tantamount to showing disregard and violating that country’s independent sovereign will backed by the peoples’ mandate especially when it is the largest democracy of the world even envied by many countries. It has been wont of Organisation of Islamic Co-operation , formerly Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) to get swayed by the mechanisation of Pakistan and its version of things revolving around its decades old inherited policy of pursuing exclusiveness and expansion by staking claims on imaginary issues that, many a time, it tries to comment upon certain political issues or developments in India which appear to be highly prosaic , if not of sheer cretinous levels on the part of that country. Whenever OIC has dared to ape and interpret Pakistan’s voice in its meetings and events attended by its member countries aimed against India , it has been receiving due rebuttal and outright rejection from India. OIC deserves it as it has attained habitual tendencies. The paradox is that out of its 57 members, most of these countries are in close cooperation and understanding with India forging mutual friendship and favourable diplomatic relations.
It is pertinent to note that Pakistan itself additionally and separately has done it at its side , again in utter stupidity by passing a ”resolution” in its National Assembly which can be termed as a ruse and loaded with farcicality by referring to the exercise of delimitation carried in respect of Jammu and Kashmir which shows how brazenly it is interfering in the internal affairs of this country which has been its quirk and obsession. India , therefore, rubbishing and rejecting such demeanour of Pakistan is what is deserved by nose pokers. It is not feeling any remorse , not in the least, for its continuous support, patronising , indoctrinating , arming and training young people for cross border terrorism and infiltrating into Jammu and Kashmir for carrying out acts of violence and spilling innocents’ blood , in the process getting eliminated , again as a result of engaging the security forces .
Process of delimitation exercise, it may be noted especially by those who do not pursue a democratic political procedure , is a due democratic measure carried out under the Delimitation Act and is commensurate with the latest carried out census in the country so that boundaries of various Assembly and Lok Sabha constituencies are redrawn . The Delimitation Commission is a powerful and independent body whose orders are not generally challengeable in any court. If such an exercise which had fallen long due in Jammu and Kashmir has been undertaken recently , why should it trouble those who do not know the elements of how democracy worked and what were its various wings to be more and more pro people and to protect their democratic and constitutional rights all about the ultimate process of choosing a government of their choice .
OIC , it may be recalled has a very limited but narrow agenda concentrating on communal premise and considerations hence if it cannot feel concerned about all societies and communities, as per its agenda and purpose of the “Islamic Co-operation” . Therefore, it has no role to play in the subject matter and as such no locus standi on commenting on internal issues of this country thereby advocating and furthering the perverted agenda of Pakistan . Hence, its unsavoury and unwarranted but totally unsolicited comments on the exercise of Delimitation in Jammu and Kashmir have been categorically rejected by the Indian Government.
External Affairs Ministry spokesman has , therefore, expressed unequivocally India’s dismay and concern over the unwarranted and unjustified comments of the OIC secretariat over the process of delimitation carried out in Jammu and Kashmir. Sovereign country, as India is , cannot take unsavoury and unwarranted comments, suggestions, advice , remarks or any type of stand from any quarter which pertain to how we run our internal matters. OIC , instead, should prevail upon its member Pakistan to desist from and totally stop promoting cross border terrorism with a debased objective to harm India.