Of dog menace

There are reports that the cases of dog bites are increasing. Walk on any road dogs would be seen in groups. How does it happen that one day the roads and habitations are free of dogs but on the next day, these places are full of dogs? Who drops these dogs overnight? Is it fair that you receive complaints of presence of dogs and you make these places free of the dogs but drop these dogs in some other places? You cannot serve the people in one area by making the places free of dogs and create nuisance for the inhabitants of the other areas. It is said that dogs are faithful to their masters. Today many people like to have a dog in their houses and rightly so. Everybody is free to choose his or her own lifestyle. However, how can you make the lives of others hellish? Some people leave their pet dogs free. We often see the fight between the pet dogs and the stray dogs during the morning walks. In this fight, the common people sometimes become the prey. Secondly, this is India. We are yet to give a latrine and a bathroom to the citizens though much has been delivered for making latrines. It is likely a distant dream for providing the same for our pet animals. Not to speak of stray dogs, the people take their pet animals most generally the dogs to make their natural calls in the open.
Thirdly, and lastly, it is true that anti-rabies injections are today available in the Government hospitals or even most of the chemist shops keep anti-Rabies injections available for any victim. Nevertheless, why should a common and innocent man suffer due to the follies of concerned authorities? Why the concerned authorities do not give attention to the dog menace?
Sunny Kapahi
Pacca Danga, Jammu