Observing the Flag Code

It is enjoined upon each and every citizen of India to uphold, respect and honour the National Flag and strictly observe the Flag Code. Some breaches in it may be taking places due to non awareness about the protocol and the code about it and thus willy-nilly but ignorantly, flying and exhibiting it on motor vehicles which needs to be avoided as it violated certain sections of the Flag Code of India.
Only those persons enlisted under Section 9 of the Flag Code could fly the National Flag on their motor cars, vehicles etc. The General Administration Department has issued a circular in respect of it which otherwise too was necessitated following constitutional and administrative changes in respect of Jammu and Kashmir that took place in early August last year. The particular section enumerates and details about the dignitaries, officials, high Government functionaries etc who are entitled to flying the flag on their vehicles and no one other than those can do it. However, not only some ones from the public but even some organizations and agencies of the Government were not fully aware of the code provisions.