Nutritionist who gave Aamir ‘Dangal’ look pens book

NEW DELHI: Nutritionist Nikhil Dhurandhar, who was responsible for Aamir Khan’s wrestler looks in “Dangal”, has come out with a book for fitness lovers and those aspiring for a healthier body.
In “Fat-loss Diet”, Dr Dhurandhar seeks to bust diet myths with facts over fads and provides a plan designed specifically for Indians.
The book covers a range of topics – from reasons for weight gain, to things one need to fight it, to effective meal plans and motivational tips, to ways to stop the lost weight from returning.
It is set for release next month.
“On the one-year anniversary of the successful release of ‘Dangal’, the film, where the phenomenal fat-to-fit transformation of actor Aamir Khan took everyone by surprise, here is a book written by the very same doctor, Dr Nikhil Dhurandhar,” publisher HarperCollins India said.
Talking about his experience working with Dr Dhurandhar, Khan said, “Reducing body fat to less than 10 per cent for ‘Dangal’ was not easy. Dr Dhurandhar’s vast experience and expertise in scientific weight loss were essential in helping me reach this difficult goal.” (AGENCIES)