NSD to open centre in J&K

NEW DELHI, Mar 7:  Chairman of the National School of Drama (NSD) Paresh Rawal today said that the country’s prestigious theatre training school is looking forward to opening new centres in the county soon, including one in Jammu and Kashmir.
Rawal said, “I believe that NSD should be extended to centres, it should be opened everywhere in North, West, East and South. So that boys who are like me, who are not from NSD should get a chance and as I said if I was in NSD then I would have been better than what I am today.”
He added that recently a request had been received from the Lieutenant Governor of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, Manoj Sinha for opening a centre there.
“This will soon be discussed with NSD society members and the government. Hopefully, we will have a concrete plan to do it soon. In fact, we are keen to set up centres in the States of Gujarat, West Bengal and Maharashtra,” Rawal added.
“J&K boys and girls want to do something. I want to open NSD in J&K soon. I am very excited about that,” Rawal said. (Agenices)