NPP to corner Govt during Assembly session: Harshdev

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Feb 26 : J&K National Panthers Party (NPP) has said that it would corner the Omar Abdullah-led Coalition Government on the issue of non-performance and unemployment in the coming Budget session in State Assembly.
Addressing press conference here today chairman of the party and MLA from Ramnagar, Harshdev Singh said, “we shall vigorously and vociferously highlight in the Assembly the issues of non-governance, non-performance, regional bias, fractured work culture, lack of accountability and transparency, fiscal indiscipline and patronised corruption in the State”.
Mr Singh further claimed that State Government will also be cornered on the issues of poor delivery of services, with failure on its part to address and redress the genuine urges and aspirations of the people of the State and to redeem its promises. He alleged that the Government has been high on rhetoric and low on delivery, with all its tall claims, airy slogans and loud pronouncements having fallen flat.
Panthers legislator alleged that despite liberal Central funding and a plethora of Centrally sponsored schemes announced to support the infrastructural development of the State, the delivery on the ground has been negligible. He said the politico-constitutional apparatus has been collapsed and the administrative machinery having completely been paralyzed and the faith of the common man having completely shaken.
The NPP leader said that they would also highlight the “hostile discrimination” doled out to Jammu region in multifarious sectors, including development projects, employment opportunities and rural connectivity. He said that party legislators would take up the issue of bias against Jammu in the matter of tourism promotion and seek a package of at least Rs 500 crore for the development of Mansar, Surinsar, Dalsar and other lakes and the water bodies of Jammu region. Priority treatment needs to be announced for Mubarak Mandi Cable Car project, river Tawi conservation and development project alongwith its artificial lake. He said the issue of Jammu’s neglect and deprivation shall be vociferously agitated during the Assembly session commencing on February 28.


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