Now a device for match-making!

NEW DELHI, Apr 22:
Forget horoscope, now a device can assist you in match making! The genius behind this invention is a German man based in Australia.
The device, which has been launched in India recently by a matrimonial website called, is based on the technology of a lie-detector.
Delhi resident, Taksh Gupta, who is the founder of and published author of two novels said that this was the first time something like this is coming to India.
“There will be an app to go along with the device which will analyse your galvanic skin responses and help you choose the correct life partner,” he said.
Mr Gupta, an MBA, said that this device was developed and patented by a neuroscience professor, Nicholas Hamelin, from Australia.  “Nowhere else in the world this machine or a similar technology is being used for match-making decisions, he claimed.
An interesting thing to note is the device’s launch in India, where match-making has traditionally been dependent upon matching of horoscopes, something that is subject to varying degrees of believability.
People have different levels of faith on different priests and their techniques. This device is something that is constant, consistent and purely science-based.
The role of this device comes in after you have already filtered out on a conscious basis ie assuming a girl is looking for a guy and has 20 profiles she likes.
After filtering on parameters that she wishes to use, she consciously shortlists final four guys, who all look similar to her in terms of preference. This is where the device comes in handy.
By reading what she subconsciously thinks is the right choice for her, which is done by measuring different skin responses that arise in stimuli to picture of each guy, the device will guide her choose the most suitable life partner.
In one line, this device tells you what your heart really wants. Mr Gupta, CEO-founder of the website said anybody can buy this machine and help them choose a life-partner for them.
This device requires a 15-20 days training period, in which the machine and its algorithms learn about your different emotional responses, so that the device learns how you feel when you are right and how you feel when you are wrong.
When the time comes to make a match-making decision, the device measures your inner intuition and compares it to your right and wrong emotional response.
“If the choice you made is close to your emotional response when you are correct, then the match is suggested for you and vice-versa.
You can also choose to see live readings of your skin responses which comes like a graph on a ECG machine.
There is a lot of fraud, scam, cheating that goes in the Indian matrimonial industry. It is good to see a device that has been patented in Australia, proving that the technology works.
This little device may just change the face of Indian matrimonial industry, Mr Gupta added.  (UNI)