Noorbagh’s Badiwuder facing decade-long water crisis

Excelsior Correspondent

Srinagar, Aug 27: Despite the district Srinagar being celebrated as a standout achiever in the ambitious Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM), the residents of Badiwuder area in Noorbagh face a contrasting reality: enduring an acute scarcity of proper drinking water facilities for over 15 years.
Expressing their concerns over this stark disparity, the residents of Badiwuder took to the streets today, with both men and women protesting against the local authorities. Their demand was clear: immediate and effective measures to ensure piped drinking water for every home in the area.
Tasleema, an active participant in the protest, voiced her frustration, saying, “I’ve been married and living here for nearly two decades, yet the simple privilege of clean drinking water remains elusive. The situation has remained unchanged throughout these years. We’re compelled to travel nearly 3 kilometers to Kreshbal or Sangam to collect drinking water.”
Elders within the community recounted their continuous efforts spanning almost 14 years to draw attention to this crisis before the appropriate authorities. Regrettably, they noted that tangible improvements were yet to materialize on the ground.
Ghulam Qadir, a resident, questioned the district’s recognition for its performance, stating, “While the district revels in its accolade, what about us? We reside in the heart of the city, yet in the year 2023, we still lack access to piped drinking water. It’s disheartening. We’ve even taken the initiative to lay pipes ourselves, but the absence of proper water supply renders these efforts futile.”
At the core of the residents’ demands is the installation of a direct pipeline connecting Sangam to Badiwuder, a step they believe would significantly ease their ongoing hardships.