Nobody stopped BJP take action against militants: PCC

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, June 22: The Pradesh Congress Committee has said that nobody has stopped BJP which is ruling at the Centre for more than four years and was equal partner in the State Govt, from taking tough measures against terrorists to end terrorism in the State.
Reacting to the BJP’s renewed assertions to wipe out terrorism now under Governor’s rule, the PCC chief spokesperson Ravinder Sharma said that when BJP asserts that its decision to end the alliance with PDP is in keeping with the national interests, it is an open confession by the BJP that it had been compromising on the issue of dealing sternly with the terrorism and adopting soft approach under pressure from coalition partner, to save its opportunist, unholy and power oriented alliance with PDP.
He reminded that when BJP entered into alliance with diametrically opposite PDP, after a pitched electoral battle in which, even Prime Minister Modi also promised  people to keep PDP (Baap-Beti) out of power, it justified doing so under the garb of national interests. The same narrative has been used to end the alliance by the BJP, which of the two situations were correct, he questioned BJP.
The BJP leaders now claim that PDP was an obstacle to the strong measures to deal with the situation without realizing that they are also equally blaming themselves for the soft peddling, thus having committed a great sin  especially with those who got martyred for the nation.