No Urdu means total disqualification?

It is totally unacceptable and wholly untenable that meritorious students numbering 126 were intentionally disqualified for the posts of the Naib Tehsildars by Jammu and Kashmir Service Selection Board because they did not know Urdu language. The rejection on the filmsy ground has left as many as 122 meritorious candidates from Jammu to the hegemonious whims and fancies of those who decided that they should virtually be waylaid and not merely rejected as it amounted to playing with their career.
We strongly not only condemn but resent the draconian move and urge the authorities concerned to immediately rescind and reverse such discriminatory policy and call all the 122 candidates from Jammu for interview . Those at the helm of the Service Selection Board should read the writing on the wall and refrain from such discriminatory policies which were aimed at against Jammu region only to benefit those from the other region. We are following up the matter till its full resolution.